Judith Heard Likely to Face 10 Years in Jail Over her N#de Pics

Posted on Sep 08, 2019
By Editor
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For the last one month we have been served on n#dity of Ugandans after it had took a long time without having any n#de pictures or s3x videos on social media. And since socialite Jack Pemba and his lover Honey Suleman served us on their things, the door was opened for many followed suit including Shamim until socialite Judith Heard broke the internet with fresh beans and sagged b00bs which puts her on Fr. Lokodo’s most wanted list.

Our sources in the high echelons of the Ethics Ministry intimate that a more popular convict in the city socialite Judith Heard is the real deal in setting the trend for the others since she has ever released some n#de pictures.

And according to Section 13 of the Anti-Pornography Act it is illegal for a person to produce, traffic or publish any form of p0rnography and on conviction is liable to a fine of Shs10m or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years.

And since Judith Heard is the most wanted item in Minister of Ethics Fr. Lukodo’s list, she will be handled according to the law since the release of her n#de pictures seem not to be an accident but rather something fishy is behind it. If she is convicted by the ministry, she will have to face 10 years of jail serving in coolers and feeding on posho and beans.

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