"Those bottles can kill someone, I saw people crying"- Bebe Cool speaks out

Posted on Mar 10, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Already in the jubilant move after the Uganda Police confirmed the apprehending some of the goons that are alleged responsible for having insulted him with empty bottles during his performance at Cindy's Boom Party concert at the Cricket Oval, singer Big Size Bebe Cool has come up with strategies on how to end the bottle pelting vice always aimed at the NRM party leaning musicians.

Under pressure law forcers, The Uganda Police has confirmed arresting 11 suspects for pelting bottles at singer Big Size Bebe Cool at Cindy's Boom Party concert last Friday at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

This came up following the "Wire Wire" singer's night mare last Friday at the Cricket Oval, that forced the First Son to intervene by coming out to accuse the Uganda police of not doing enough as far as giving protection to artistes especially those leaning with the NRM ruling government.

Now during an excuse interview with NBS TV Live9 news bulletin, when asked what should be done to end the ever cropping vice of hurling bottles at musicians in favour of the ruling the ruling government, the Gagamel Music Group CEO has shared a few strategies that need to be prioritised by the relevant security operatives so as to secure the entire partiers' lives.

Watch the video below:

These include;
1. Planting plain clothed security personnel in the audience and just around the stage so that they can easily identify the hooligans and bring them to book.

"Out of experience, this is what I did in Jinja, I went to the barracks, spoke to the big man and asked like 150 of them who were planted in the audience. There was nothing just that I got only two people whom I cautiomed and let them be," Stated Bebe Cool.

2. Promoters before being given permission of organising events should pay that bill of catering for covert security personnel since the whole thing was brought about by promoters who went ahead and incited people.

3. Once the bottle pelting vice and violence becomes untameable, its then the promoters to take responsibility since most of the violence is politically motivated with promoters like Abtex taking the lion's share.

Check out the video below;

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