"I am a Titanic, not even bottles could stop me"- Bebe Cool narrates his feeling while being pelted with bottles

Posted on Mar 08, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Resilient singer Bebe Cool has proved that music is bigger than hooliganism in relation to the highly politicised local creative industry.

This has been after the Gagamel Music Band CEO managed to withstand a bottle scare at Cindy's Boom Party live convert to thrill revelers with his hit songs on Friday evening.

Once a victim of ruthless bottle pelting goons, the Gagamel Music Band CEO has been subjected to the same indiscipline despite way back vowing to deal with whoever was accustomed to throwing bottles at musicians single handedly.

He might not have eaten his words at the Lugogo Cricket Oval as he indirectly silenced the later with a vibrant stage performance, the "Feeling" singer wasn't that coward going on to thrill revelers with his hit songs mention Feeling and Wire Wire amidst a forest of empty bottles that were directly being hurled at the singer by a yet to be identified fan group that has attended the Boom Party.

Watch Bebe Cool Pelted with Bottles during Cindy's Concert:

Bebe Cool has further went to on to forward the whole situation to a renown NRM ruling government opposition blogger, Kakensa thereby pleasding with him to endeavour posting his entire performance without even editing anything so as to prove that indeed actions speak louder than words.

"There are some things that are really hurting but I know your my brothet and a real professional Kakensa, let mi hope its the very video you've posted, please play for the followers the full video of Bebe Cool's performance at the Boom Party Concert not just bits with edits so that people can make their final decisions," Bebe Cool.

Check out the video below;


BUSUNGU: Bebe Cool Pelted with Bottles During Cindy's 'Boom Party Concert' (VIDEO)

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