10 Steps You Must Follow to Avoid Getting Shot / Killed By LDU Officers

Posted on Feb 26, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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If you are one of the millions of people that stay in Kampala, then am sure you know that one of the most stressful moments at night is bumping into Local Defence Unit (LDU) officers.

Blizz Uganda team has put together a List of 10 Safety Tips / rules you can follow to help keep you safe and alive since different reports of people being beaten up or shot and killed by LDU has been rising.

Following a notable rise in especially urban crime, President Museveni directed the UPDF hierarchy to recruit local defence unit (LDU) officers to support the army and Police but it looks like this is not working out so well.

Below is a List of the 10 Steps you can follow to help you:

1. Always Move with your National. (A Photocopy since there have been cases of some officers breaking them)

2. Always Answer every question they ask. (Yo don't want to annoy someone with a gun by keeping quiet)

3. Never, I repeat, never resist arrest. (They will shoot you before you even take 5 steps)

4. Do whatever they order you to do, even if sitting in mud. (Washing clothes is cheaper than death)

5. Avoid carrying weapons/ tools like hummers at night. (They will assume you are a criminal)

6. Avoid walking alone especially at night. (It helps keep track on you and they can get some fear)

7. Make sure a boda drops you at your home door. (To avoid bumping into them)

8. Never pull out your phone to call anyone. (They can feel threatened that you want to call someone superior)

9. Always carry some cash on you. (We all know how it works and they might make you move far)

10. Avoid moving in Isolated / darl places.

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