Spice Diana's n#de video shocks the Nation, thousands disappointed after seeing her with a girl

Posted on Feb 21, 2020
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Fans and followers of musician Spice Diana are over the moon after the alleged surfacing of her n#de video currently making around on social media especially Facebook and differen WhatsApp groups.

Blizz Uganda was alerted after receiving a number of messages with people sending in a screenshot of the alleged Spice Diana leaked video clip showing her enjoying in a swimming pool with a fellow girl while the two had no sungle clothe on.

A couple of people have been trying to sketch around for this video clip however, Blizz Uganda experts have been able to confirm that this is just  a work of Photoshop as the original photo was taken months ago.

Someone went to Photoshop and did their best to undress the singer and her friend while they were in the swimming pool. They put it on social media and started raising unnecessary attention.

Infact, Blizz Uganda experts have been able to get the original picture of Spice Diana to end this baseless rumor.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to see if Spice Diana and her management will take action against this ruthless act.

Below are the original pictures:

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