Rema And Dr Hamza Land Juicy Deal With Mengo Rotary Blood Bank

Posted on Feb 19, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ugandan celebrity couple comprising of songbird Rema Namakula and husband have on Wednesday 19th been endorsed as the brand ambassadors for the Mengo Rotary Blood Bank and donation initiative.

The Sebunyas have been unveiled during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in a bid of addressing the problem of blood shortage at Mengo Hospital.

Rotary in partnership with the Mengo hospital have now launched a $100,000 (Shs 366 million) campaign to help in purchasing an ultra modern blood processing equipment and the public has been invited for a fundraising concert and transformational leadership conference on 28th February 2020 that will be headlined by Rema Namakula and Doctor Hamza with the proceeds set to acquire equipment for the blood bank.

Speaking at the event, Dr Sebunya has called upon all Ugandans to respond positively to this noble cause of donating blood so as to close the demand gap and save lives.

“The issue of blood touches everyone and requires all of us to get on board at all different avenues. Because of that we have decided to support this cause because it’s in our interest that we take part in a cause that saves life.

With my medical background I know what people go through because of blood stockout. What is common in our country is postpartum hemorrhage and it causes 25 % of all maternal deaths. These are very high figures for our country.

I and my wife REMA have come on board and we shall fully advocate for this Program until completion. We shall be proud when the gap of 100,000 units of blood is closed wife Having a unit of safe blood goes through a process and scrutiny right from the identification of blood donors to the processing and storing. I thank Rotary for the efforts in saving lives in Uganda and we hope you join this fundraiser." Dr. Hamza Sebunya.

Songbird Rema Namakula has promised to utilise the chance gifted to her as an ambassador to sensitise the public about blood the crisis and curb down the maternal death rate.

"I would like to thank Rotary for identifying me to be an Ambassador for his program. I am a mother and I know what women go through when giving birth. Dr. Hamza has taken time to tell me about the blood crisis in Uganda.

I am ready to sensitize people about the blood crisis but most importantly help in closing the blood gap so that we reduce maternal deaths. We are going to be part of this until the machines required to process blood are at the Blood Bank are procured." Rema

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