Bebe Cool Answers MC Kats' Requests, Rushes to Help Him Financially

Posted on Feb 11, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Following a loud cry, singer Big Size Bebe Cool has on Tuesday 11th hosted MC Kats to a lunch time break that has seen the paid spending a precious time while digesting a forest of issues about the creative industry.

Once a don who bragged about his wealth and even "donated land" to Bebe Cool, MC Kats came out last Monday crying out for a financial bail out from the Gagamel boss as to boast his upcoming music show.

MC Kats who organised a Valentine's Day music party at Texas Lounge Nsambya slated Friday 14th February but "Taata Abi" is still beating around the bush to see to it that he accomplishes the preparations before the show time no wonder he was pleading for the "Wire Wire" singer's intervention so as to get the dimes for clearing up Silk Events.

Apart from promising to offer him financial support to better his upcoming Valentine's show, Bebe Cool has also shared with MC Kats words of wisdom related to business that has left the pencil sized stage entertainer wondering whether King Solomon is still alive.

Through his Facebook official Facebook account, MC Kats has showered praises at Bebe Cool who he believes is embraced with an ocean of money ideas in his head.

"If Brains Could be seen @bebecool_ug
You have An ocean of money ideas in your head
It was abillion dollar lunch time."
MC Kats.

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