David Lutalo at war with his best friend Trevor after chewing and impregnating his sister (PHOTOS)

Posted on Feb 08, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Latest reports coming through to Blizz Uganda desks from our trusted sources indicate how singer David Lutalo is currently in a bitter war with his longtime best friend known as Trevor after chewing and impregnating his sister Lizbeth Liz.

According to reports we received from Kasuku "The talking parrots", David Lutalo introduced Trevor to his famoly and has since then been treated like a child at home yet instead he went behind his back and started dating and chewing his sister.

"David Lutalo trusted Trevor so much and he has been treating him like a brother but instead Trevor yadda ku mwanyina wa lutalo nga amukola lubuto, now the two are not talking as Trevor is organizing a baby shower for Liz"- Kasuku The Talking Parrots revealed to Blizz Uganda.

Liz first appeared in news back in 2018 when she organized a surprise birthday party for David Lutalo which was a big success.

Below are some of the photos of the three:

Liz with David Lutalo

David Lutalo with Trevor

David Lutalo, Trevor and Liz

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