"I will kill anyone who dares to throw a bottle at me while am performing" -Bebe Cool wages war (VIDEO)

Posted on Jan 16, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Legendary singer Big Size Bebe Cool is ready to wage a war and turn violent to rowdy fans pelting bottles at musicians during stage performances.

Being currently the order of the day as given sects of revelers in the audience turn violent at performers most especially those that support President Museveni and the NRM party by pelting bottles at them, the Gagamel Music Band CEO seems to be not ready to embrace such embarrassments anymore in this calendar year no wonder he is ready to bring on the same violence to any one that will fall in his trap while insulting him during his stage performances.

Given the fact that the creative industry was wrecked up by the too much politicking, given acts who are in support of the current ruling government have of the past been exerted on with a lot of insults mention pelting bottles at them while doing their gigs to the extent of thinking about dropping stage performances.

Once a victim of bottle pelting way back in 2018 when he had to be forced off the stage by security operatives in a bid of protecting him from rowdy People Power fans during the Swangz All Star Concert, the 'Wire Wire' singer is not ready to entertain such nonsense any more and he is ready to take on any one attacking him in a fist fight.

"Its a group of these young aspiring politicians with their young small god planning those small..small things to shame us but here is the solution. If anyone is tempted to interfere with my stage performances again by pelting bottles at me because that's violence, I will have to be still, grab your neck and defend myself because the biblical teaching of 'If some one strikes your cheek, turn to him the other also' got expired and its all about self defence so as to protect your hard earned reputation," Bebe Cool lamented during a TV interview.

Should we presume that waging a war on bottle pelting goons is the very reason why the 'Kabulengane' singer is gyming these days on a regular basis?

Check out the video;

Let's watch the space.

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