Full List Of The World’s Wealthiest Sporting Events 2019

Posted on Sep 07, 2019
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In the past, many people participated in sports to keep fit. The sports industry has greatly evolved over recent years. It is highly competitive hence attracting firms such as Betway to support various teams and championships.

Talented players such as Cristiano Ronaldo earn a living from conventional bonuses and wages, endorsement deals and prize money. Blizz Uganda now present to you the top six of the world’s wealthiest sporting events.

Below is the Full List of the World’s Wealthiest Sporting Events:

1. UEFA European Football Championship

The championship features European national soccer teams. Some fans claim that its quality matches that of the FIFA World Cup. Spain won the 2008 UEFA European Championship. The 2012 tournament had a total of $246 million as prize money.

Competing teams will share €371 million in UEFA EURO 2020. Champions will pocket an additional €34 million if they win all their group matches.

2. FedEx Cup

FedEx Cup comprises four events. Coca-Cola sponsors the PGA Tour playoffs which include the Tour Championship and the Barclays. About 125 players take part in the early stages of the competition after which the participants reduce to 30 players. The winner has to gather the most points in the tournament. They receive a $10 million cash prize. You can win both the FedEx Cup and the Tour Championship at once.

3. UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is the most lucrative international sporting event. UEFA offered a total of €1.3 billion as prize money in the 2017/2018 UEFA Champions League. Each team which competes in the tournament earns some money. Also, UEFA pays them for each match they win. For example, Juventus lost to Real Madrid in the 2017 Champions League final. However, they pocketed €101.7 million while Madrid earned €89.5 million in total.

4. The World Series

The World Series

Members of the North American Major League Baseball (MLB) compete in The World Series each year. Normally, the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) champions face each other in the series. A best-of-seven playoff determines the overall winner of the series. They receive the Commissioner's Trophy. For example, St. Louis Cardinals earned  $323,169 after they defeated the Texas Rangers.

5. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup had a prize money pool of €662.6 million. All competing teams shared €325 million depending on how they performed. Millions of punters wagered in Betway to make a profit. The bookie offered various betting options for the FIFA World Cup.

6. Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is the wealthiest horse race worldwide. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid created it in 1996. He is the current Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. The major event costs $10 million. This year's World Cup had prize money of $30 million. The competition comprised of nine group races a day. However, you don't have to win any race to get a prize. For instance, you could earn money for being the best-dressed man, couple or woman. The World Cup encourages spectators to look classy.

Sport is a lucrative business in many countries. Thousands of sports competitions are held globally each year. Betway is a prominent bookie which offers different sporting events to wager on. Sports competitions such as the UEFA Europa League, Super Bowl, and the FIFA Club World Cup offer lucrative bonuses and prizes to players.

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