"Bebe Cool only cares about Zuena's Kids, let him give me Allan and I sign him"- Kalifah Aganaga asks

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Always pocking his nose everwhere, singer Akalifah Aganaga has shown concern over Bebe Cool's son Allan Hendrick's music career as the Gagamel boss seems to only be caring about his children with Zuena Kirema.

Allan Hendrick being the old child of Bebe Cool, he was born by another woman before Bebe Cool met Zuena, the woman he has been married to for years and even got children with and this might be the reason why Aganaga has decided to medal in.

During an interview with a Local TV station, Kalifah Aganaga stated how he wants to sign Allan Hendrick and help save his career as Bebe Cool seems to only be focusing on his other children, the younger ones he had with Zuena.

"Bebe Cool is so selfish, he only cares about his children with Zuena, now when you look at Alpha he is playing soccer in an expensive academy. Allan is a very talented musician but his talent is just dying because he doesn't get help from his father. Let him come and I sign him up, I have a music studio and i can promote him"- Aganaga begged.

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