Pia Pounds Confesses How She's Stalking the Man of Her Dreams Everywhere

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Pouring out all her emotions to the man she ever wanted but failed to get, former Big Talent singer, real names Tracy Kirabo aka Pia Pounds has put out a series of the story that broke her heart.

Through her social media, the 'Wawangula' singer Pia Pounds has gone to her Twitter Handle and posted a number of tweets revealing how much pain she has been through ever since she let go of the man of her dreams.

She also goes ahead to narrate how she deleted his number, blocked him and even opened up fake accounts just to stalk him.

Pia goes ahead to reveal how many guys she continues to sleep with after meeting them in bars just to go home and talks about the man of her dreams, these series of tweets have however left many of her fans puzzled.

"I heard ur f**kin wit somebody new I hope she cheats on u and leaves u too coz I’ll be there to hold u wen u down. I hope u lose ur job n every cent. So u can fail to pay ur rent.. But if u need to, u can stay at mine.  I block ur number, I block yo calls And all yostupid friends, I blocked them all But I made a fake page just to follow u And I've been goin' to the bar u like I meet a different guy like every nightBut all we ever talk about is u." She goes ahead to lament.

Check out some of the tweets below:

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