Chocking on Debts: Nalongo Don Zella Still Stuck in Uganda, Shocking Debts Receipts Here

Posted on Jan 07, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Desperate socialite Sheila Nadesh alias Nalongo Don Zella and singer Big Eye's baby mama is reportedly till now stuck in Uganda after getting chocked on too much debts that she acquired way back.

The whole ordeal kick started when the broke Nalongo hoodwinked the immigration department how she was travelling back home to take care of her ill mother who allegedly had been admitted on her death bed but yet in actual reality she was telling lies as she had come for holidays irrespective of the fact that she didn't have any dimes to spend in code 256.

On sure deal that his American fiancé would stand in for her during the hard times, Don Zella ended up borrowing over shs 20million from money lenders to facilitate her entire hang outs as she preferred to show off like other Basamas expecting to pay back so soon.

Since the New Year's Eve, Don Zella has been spending so extravagantly in city happening places enjoying life like no more but the worse went to the worst as she couldn't pay back the debts she had acquired from the money lenders following the elapse of the agreed time.

This led to the arrest of the socialite and had to be kept in the coolers by money lenders from the 3rd January at Jinja Road Station as they demanded that she clears up her debt with interest.

Though she was bounced up by his American baby daddy after discovering that she was in Uganda for no genuine reason but just to show off, it was her manager, a one Kibedi Cox who bailed Don Zella out of the police cells after paying up half of her debt totaling to shillings 15millions.

Having failed to cooperate with money lenders, she has now been ordered to pay up her debt with interest amounting to a final figure of shs30 million and though its school time and she has to attend to her kids, she is so desperate as she can't fly back to Europe without sorting out herself.

We have ascertained the whole information that indeed the socialite chocked on debts from her entire stay in Uganda.

Check out the receipts below:

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