Angry Full Figure Goes Bare Knuckles With Fellow NRM Party Members

Posted on Jan 03, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer turned politician Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure's has gone bare knuckles with her fellow NRM party members going on to accuse them of treachery and sadism given the rate at which they are fighting her down fall.

According to WhatsApp audio clips currently making rounds allover the entire social media, Full Figure is heard being involved in a bitter verbal exchange with die hard supporters of the NRM party led by a one Mumbejja Wa Kaguta whom she accuses of fighting her duties without clear reasons.

According to the 'Mukyakale' singer, ever since she was appointed a Presidential Advisor, she has been encountering a lot of fights from fellow members in her new party who aren't only biased but also envious by her success given the way her bar was raised to that of a person next to the president at their expense.

The members in the WhatsApp group accuse Full Figure of being a mole in the NRM party whose intentions aren't destined at upholding the core values and objectives of the party but rather after making her herself richer by stealing money from the President in addition to promoting the People Power Pressure Group ideology.

By using her renowned identity of vulgarity, Full Figure is heard abusing the entire NRM party members whom she accuses of doing the needful to fail President Museveni and paint his image negatively in the public domain because of their personal interests manifested by too much greed.

She has reached to the extent of accusing her tormentors (the NRM party members) of being responsible for crucifying Jesus Christ given their sadistic and savage like kind of hospitality.

Check out the audio below;

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