GNL Zamba and Ykee Benda release ‘Bomboclat’ Episode 2, Download Audio

Posted on Dec 15, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Lugaflow rapper Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba has slaughtered singer Ykee Benda's 'Bomboclat' music audio in another fancy episode.

Bomboclat‘ is a song that condemns negative energy and sadistic people who are after hurting others through their evil ways of living.

Putting the emotional feelings and politics aside, Zamba has as expected slaughtered the music audio straight away given the fact that the listener can easily have a taste of the lyrical maturity from an act that is deemed to be one of the founding fathers of the local Hip Hop industry in GNL Zamba.

Unlike his previous release where the Mpaka Records boss teamed up with some of the top Hip Hop All stars in the industry, 'Bomboclat' Episode (2) has seen the 'Eva' singer resonate his latest release by featuring the legendary ghetto storyteller, GNL Zamba who with no doubt rekindles the past touches he used to spice up his hit songs while still in code 256.

Though he stated that he is in the country to promote his new music album 'Nsimbi', after enjoying a musical and asylum spell in the US, we just pray that he drops more music projects given the fact that he has been the real spice missing on the menu to relight the local Hip Hop industry.

Download the free Mp3 below:

Bomboclat (Part 2) - GNL Zamba Ft. Ykee Benda

Check out Bomboclat Episode (2) by Ykee Benda featuring GNL Zamba:

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