SHOCKING AUDIO: Nalongo Maggie exposes how Grenade, Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize bum-shafted eachother in dubai

Posted on Nov 29, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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After dumping her few months lover, singer Grenade Official has now been exposed by Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi for having been bum-shufted while in Dubai with Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize a few weeks ago. She also reveals how God's Plan forced him to be chewed by a famous city Gay when he went to his apartment.

Even though he is currently in Dubai, Grenade must be cursing the decision he made when he dumped his London based girlfriend Nalongo Maggie, who is also a widow to late musician AK47.

After declaring on snap chat that he was now single and not searching for reasons only known to himself ,Grenade went a step a head to warn Maggie to stop calling him because he had nothing to do wit her any more.

It is not yet clear why singer Grenade dumped Maggie, for her she hasn't wasted any time to expose him and how Grenade is a good for nothing bum-shafter who got himself into evil acts with fellow singers Eddy Kenzoand Harmonize while in Dubai at the one Africa music fest

In an exclusive audio received by Blizz Uganda, Maggie reveals how Grenade had told her how Sheila’s boyfrend God’s plan forced him to have a fling with other two guys when he visited him at his apartments a few weeks ago and according to Maggie, Grenade apparently told her that God’s plan demanded for 3000 pounds lest he releases a bloody video of him being bum shafted something that would destro his music career.

Play the Video below and listen:


Grenade Official Narrates Life Threatening Experience of How God's Plan Kidnaped Him on Gun Point

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