Songstress Maureen Kabasiita Opens Up About Why She Stopped Singing

Posted on Nov 28, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Resurrecting the fallen music talent, Blizz Uganda has landed on faded singer Maureen Kabasiita thereby sharing with us as to why she is no more in the music industry.

Famously known for her trademark hit song "Kasengejja", the Beauty with Purpose Western music export was one of the overrated artistes who was good at blending lyrics and take on love birds to the fullest.

During a TV interview, Kabasiita has ranted at the inappreciative fan base ever judging her for not dropping new audios thereby revealing that she is no longer singing because the music she gave to the fans is enough.

Like her mentor, the late American singer and actress Whitney Houston, Kabasiita claims her music is still alive and taking on revelers like no more though she is a mother now not an artist anymore.

"I am a mother not an artist. According to success, its personal and its the owner to determine his or her fate. You don't not know why I started singing, you neither know what pushed me nor what my goal was, one is unfair to judge directly from what is happening to me.

I personally achieved my goal, my music is still alive like that of my mentor, the late Whitney Houston whose I still love and listen to despite the fact that she is not here. The music I gave you is enough and now I sing in the church and during my shower while bathing."- Maureen Kabasiita.

Maureen Kabasiita was popularly known for involving in many sex scandals in town where she was accused o snatching married men remarkably remembered for being at the center point with Irene Namubiru while fighting for the father of her baby, Captain Kassami of the Water Front Beach.

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