Renah Nalumansi Surprises Lover Justin Bas With a Baby Shower (Photos)

Posted on Nov 26, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Former Dream Gals singer Renah Nalumansi last Monday 25th threw down a surprise Daddy Baby Shower for fiancé Justin Bas Super Kilaka' as she gears up for a new born baby.

Just like Rema Namakula's 'Intro' shower, as time goes, members in the entertainment industry are not seated but always inventing new experiences that weren't in place for the past years.

It must be remembered that Baby Showers in the past have been known as parties thrown out for expecting mothers by family and friends as they wish them only success for their forth coming baby borns.

From starting up a concealed singer manager relationship, Finally the 'Kyoka' singer had to put her relationship with the NBS Hit maker TV presenter to the limelight she gears up to hand him a bundle of joy of a new baby born.

The excited Justin Bas couldn't forego hitting his social media platform to share the good news about his Daddy Baby Shower with his followers and friends.

"So I get back home last evening very tired after the day's #hustle and I found this happening....thought­ she had even given #birth in my absence kumbe it was a Surprise #Daddy Baby #Shower.....hmmm....­Anyway, just know twaridde era netugunwa... By the way, if u missed out on the invited guests,just remember it was a #surprise for me as well.....however, u have these people to question nze as I thank them for the love they showered me yesterday Nalumansi Renah Elsah Kwez Rogers Njuki Duncan Percy Kamulegeya Faisal Mulinde Brian Ssebuyira B Boy Haso Haso Bwoy Base Isma Franatic Frank Josh Namubiru Isabella O Bonny Kyeyune Wamala Derrick Tonie Vybz Emmason.....Ricky...­.to mention but a few....
Today I unwrap the gifts....👊👍👌✌🙏"-
Justin Bas Super Kilaka.

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