Can GNL Zamba Compete With the Current Hip-Hop Stars in Uganda?

Posted on Nov 25, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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GNL Zamba real names Ernest Nsimbi is finally back home in Uganda after a long spell enjoying musical and acting asylum in the USA but can he compete with the current hip-hop stars we have?

The overrated Hip Hop sensation jetted into code 256 over the weekend with his wife, MiriamTamar and Blizz Uganda is yet to ascertain whether Zamba is back to boast the currently unconvincing local Hip Hop industry.

Considered a legend in Uganda mainly because of his massive contribution to the Hip Hop industry musically, GNL Zamba is one of the artistes many people are still missing because of his lyrical content and magical touches in the Luga-flow music that enabled him have a lucrative lasting career.

With the likes of Gravity Omutujju, Feffe Buusi, Recho Rey and Navio to mention currently upholding the Hip Hop Music genre, one would say that its really a blessing for the 'Story ya Luka' singer to make a come back in the local Hip Hop music industry simply so as to make an over whole of its current state.

Though Gravity Omutujju during a recent interview stated that GNL is not a legend because he lucks some qualities that legends must possess mention not having 15 hits to his name and the fact that he was only relevant for two or three years without even holding a mega concert to his name, we just wrap up all these arguments by reminding you that history speaks for itself and believe it or not, GNL Zamba is a legend and a FATHER to the local Hip Hop music industry.

However we are not certain whether GNL Zamba is back to regnite his Hip Hop career from where he stopped from or he is back home on a vacation with his family.

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