Big Eye Worried About the Massive Flop of His Upcoming 'Ndi Single' Concert

Posted on Nov 19, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Unlike his brother DJ Micheal, struggling musician Professor Big Eye has come out to show concern over People Power political pressure group events promoters who wish him to register a flopped concert after taking over his upcoming 'Ndi Single' music experience.

The renowned 'Muzukulu' and NRM political party support through his Facebook official account has claimed that he is receiving a lot of phone calls and requests from People Power events promoters seeking to take over his upcoming 'Ndi single' music concert but he alleges the later have bad motives of making him pay hugely with a flopped concert because of their personal motives.

Big Eye has now highlighted that though his Ndi single' music audio is a hit song where he stands in solidarity with all the Love Niggas, all promoters wishing to take over his concert should give it some time until President Museveni is sworn in for another term and negotiations will follow then.

"Ba promoters abankubira okugula launch yange eya "Ndi Single" mbabuuse muli ba #PeoplePower mwagala kunjokesa ekivulu kinsale mujaguze. Yes oluyimba lwa maanyi nkikiriza naye ebya launch musooke mundeke tusooke tuzze president wafe #Museveni muntebe mu kulonda kwa 2021 okujja. Then ebya launch tujja bilaba after," Stated Big Eye through a Luganda dialect.

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