DISAPPOINTMENT: List of the Worst Dressed Celebrities at Rema’s Introduction Ceremony

Posted on Nov 15, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Its now official that songbird Rema Namakula is now a 'Mukyala Doctor' after holding a record breaking flamboyant and lavish introduction ceremony of hubby Doctor Hamza Ssebunya in her parents home of Nabbingo on a beautiful Thursday 14th afternoon.

Rema’s introduction ceremony attracted people from all walks of life mention businessmen, clergy and above all were her partners in crime (Local celebrities) who had to make the cut so as to make their fellow's special day historical and one of a kind.

Being a traditional ceremony, our eyes were all set for the odd man out as members from the creative industry unleashed their own dressing style majority dressed to kill in the traditionally renowned attires ‘kanzus’ and ‘Gomesi’ for the gents and ladies respectively. 

Below is the list of the worst dressed celebrities at Rema's introduction ceremony:

1. Zahara Totto

Though the TV and Radio personality always comes to her defence from critics judging her style of dressing with excuses that she isn't here to inspire anyone rather dresses her body the way she pleases, the celebrated gossip rumourmonger was a real disappointment at Nabbingo last Thursday.

From throwing on her knicker and straight away accompanied it with a gomesi that wasn't matching with her colour in addition to the too much make up, Totto turned out as a real clown for the occasion.

2. Cinderella Sanyu

Always known for killing it off in skimpy dresses, TheKingHerSelf had to bear with the situation that it was all about appreciating culture hence turning out as a total misfire.

She put on an over sized gomesi on her body that in one way or another matched her looks but forgetting the 'Kikoyi' in her closet singled her out so identical as the usually talked about 'Ghost from Lwera' that watches over the wetlands late in the night.

3. Jose Chameleone

Everyone was surprised to see to it that he too made it to Nabbingo despite the fact that he had turned out at the forefront. Dressed in a suite, he was another 'Dikuula' of the occasion.

4. John Blaq

May be someone misinformed the talented singer from the Kyabazinga land that Thursday 14th was the 'Ayabass' concert date no wonder he spoilt 'Maama Aamaal's concert by dressing casually as if he was going for a stage performance. Next time, Mr. John Kassadha dear me get a personal designer.

5. Balaam Barugahara

Balaam turned out in Nabbingo not in his Magical T-Shirt surprising many since he is known for not missing out with a dose of criticism from revelers over his dress code whenever he usually turns up for special ceremonies donned in his trade mark orange T-shirt and a black pair of jeans.

Though the CEO Radio 4 and renowned Muzukulu this time turned out donning a Kanzu and a blazer at Rema's Introduction like most of the males on the entourage, he wasn't outstanding.

Somebody should tell 'Sabavvulu' that revelers are used and more comfortable seeing him donning his trademark orange T-shirt and black pair of jeans than any other style of dressing.

Check out some of the photos below:

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