City Businessman Desh Kananura Exposed By His Brother For Beating Up His Wife (Screenshots)

Posted on Nov 13, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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City businessman Andrew Kananura Kagonyera aka Desh, the proprietor of Panamera bar has on Wednesday 13th been exposed by his brother-in-law for constantly beating up his wife like a nuisance.

Accordingly, Desh Kananura's brother-in-law only identified as Emmy Kwizera, Desh is fond of beating his sister to the extent of traumatizing even her children.

Through a WhatsApp message that has been sent to the CEO of the Bukoto based Panamera bar, Emmy has vowed to invite his entire family be present to witness him as he takes on Kananura in a fist fight for constantly battering his sister.

"Andrew Desh Kananura you are the brother I admired till this day.....please STOP beating my sister and traumatising her children....enough is enough....I have decided to put my foot sister was raised with loving parents and loving siblings she doesn't need to be this way...the next time you want to lay a hand on a woman...find me here at panamera waiting for you...bring all the guns you claim you have in your closet...but enough is sister and my family have lived you from day one but this is not his to treat us PERIOD...enough is enough...

NO MAN is allowed to beat a woman...I am ready to go to the grave for this...Thank you for banning me from accessing my nieces and nephew...but blood is thicker than water...they will always be my blood...I ain't scared of anything...I love my sister and the kids and I will NOT allow you mess up their know where to find me...panamera parking lot." Said tycoon Desh Kananura's brother-in-law.

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Desh Kananura has a bad record attached to him given the fact that he was way back charged for murder after allegedly being pinned for participating in the murder of his employee.

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