"Bobi Wine should run for Mayorship, He has even failed to lead Kyadondo"- King Michael

Posted on Nov 11, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Appearing on a Local TV station, struggling musician DJ Michael aka King Michael has spoken out his mind and also given his reasons why he thinks and feels like Bobi Wine is not yet ready to lead Uganda.

King Michael stated that Bobi Wine has failed to lead and represent Kyadondo East Well in the parliament and now he wants to be the President of Uganda. He also feels like Bobi Wine still has alot to learn before going for the big sit.

He also goes ahead and condemns Bobi Wine for always using demeaning words while speaking about the President Of Uganda especially during his new song KaSukaali through which he refers to Museveni as "Owekikofiira", a term King Michael feels should never be used to refer to the president of a Nation.

"Bobi Wine should take things step by step, you can't move from being an MP of Kyadondo to being the President of a country, he still has alot of to learn, I feel lik ehe should first become  a mayor and learn how to lead the people then in 15years to come we shall vote him for presidency confirming that he has experience and ready for it," King Michael stated.

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