"CBS FM fired me for supporting President Museveni"- Kayibanda cries for a fat envelope

Posted on Nov 10, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Veteran comedian and media personality Godfrey Seguya popularly known as Kayibanda has opened up about how he was sacked by the Bulange Mengo based CBS FM 'Radio y'obujajja' for supporting President Museveni.

Kayibanda and Sheila Nvannungi, formed the part of the trio hosting the early morning show on CBS along Patricko Mujuuka, that was shown the exit by CBS FM following a reshuffle that came with the re-branding of the station to “Emmanduso” and all programs revamped.

The revamping process saw Sheila and Kayibanda taken off the morning show to other programs at different hours of the day an offer that was allegedly declined by the later thereby preferring to try their luck else where.

Currently part of the NRM ruling party mobilisation team in the metropolitan Kampala, the Bukedde Television star has come out with a shocking revelation about how his decision of subscribing to the NRM political party cost him a job at CBS FM after his bosses gave him a condition of either to chose dumping NRM party or try his luck else where.

"My boss told me to choose between Museveni and CBS FM where my future belongs, I informed him that giving him such a difficult test is ridiculous after all it was president Museveni who defeated the Obote soldiers and CBS FM got the opportunity of starting up...and when the radio was switched off, I had to engage the president thereby committing my support for him as a condition so as the radio is reopened." said Kayibanda.

The comedian continues to reveal how he broke his boss' heart when he decided to choose supporting president Museveni in relation to his darling job after all the radio station was registering a lot of profits due to the stability and steady progress of the NRM government.

"I told my boss that instead of CBS let me go with president Museveni after all the station is making profits because of the steady progress and stability of the country implemented by President Museveni. After one week, CBS FM relieved me of my duties but I'm still alive, kicking and happy where I am with a swollen stomach far better than my past woes," added Kayibanda.

A pioneer of comedy in Uganda, Kayibanda rose to prominence in the early 2000s and also dubbed as a co-host with Straka Mwezi’s at WBS TV’s ‘Late Show’ and then after linked up as a CBS Radio presenter for over 10 years. 

Kayibanda is better known for his Kinyarwanda hit song “Maria Roza” whose video is more hilarious than most of his stand-up comic shows.

Watch the video below:


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