People shouldn’t dictate who we should support – Kenzo to People Power

Posted on Nov 03, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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“Sometimes we need to be keen and critical” 

Eddy Kenzo said while defending himself from people power supporters who are accusing him of betraying them and supporting the incumbent President Museveni.

“People shouldn't be dictated on who they should support and how to support.”

The whole story started when Eddy Kenzo responded to a call from State House and visited President Museveni who pledged to support him in his music business a move that was taken as an act of betrayal by People Power Supporters. Kenzo has since then received a ton of insults and abuses from People Power supporters especially from the online community.

Eddy Kenzo says that he will always advocate for change and will vote for Bobi Wine but will not campaign for him and will participate in peaceful transition ways.

“I will always be an advocate for change , my one (1) vote will be for my brother and I will never change that but in a country that is grieving in misery and sorrow, it is my duty as a father and a Ugandan to preach for a peaceful transition.” He said.

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