“I Am Ready to Chew Haffy Powers and Make Her Dream Come True”- Fik Gazaa Affirms

Posted on April 07, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

BBS Telefayina presenter Hasifa Nabbanja, popularly known as Haffy Powers, took to her Snapchat a few days ago to share a peculiar dream she had while chewing rising singer Fik Gaza, now he has replied her and promised to make her dream come true.

In her Snapchat revelation, Nabbanja disclosed that she dreamt of an encounter with the burgeoning musician, vividly describing a scenario where she found herself "smashing" to the rhythm of Gaza's hits, notably the catchy tune "Banana." She expressed amusement at the dream's unexpected nature and pondered its underlying meaning.

Despite not having met Fik Gaza in person, the mother of one expressed a keen interest in meeting him, emphasizing her desire to engage in a candid conversation about the dream and its implications.

When reached for comment regarding Nabbanja's dream, Fik Gaza responded with openness, stating, "What did the person who dreamt about me see? If it’s Allah’s will, I’m open to seeing that dream become reality." His response hinted at a willingness to entertain the possibility of meeting Nabbanja and discussing her dream further.

This revelation comes amidst recent controversy surrounding Fik Gaza, as his ex-lover recently accused him of domestic violence, alleging that the abuse led to a miscarriage.