"I can never be bribed, I have enough money and will always support People Power"- Eddy Kenzo

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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In a wake of a lot of abuses for vowing not to campaign for MP Bobi wine and his People Power movement in the coming general elections, Singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has maintained his stand that he will not campaign for the Ghetto gladiator in his efforts of taking over the country's top most office though he is a People Power opposition political pressure group supporter.

The famed singer came out last Thursday during a press conference at Mestil Hotel and revealed that he will not campaign for any political party, including fellow singer-turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi.

This sparked off suspicions from the public especially supporters of the People power movement to the extent of till now throwing all sorts of abuses and insults to the 'Congs mama' singer for being easily taken up by money that he collected from the State House during his recent dinner with president Museveni so as to turn the weapons to his comrade (Bobi Wine) by supporting the NRM government.

Through his social media Facebook official account, Kenzo has clearly stated how he can't be corrupted by any one to serve their interests thereby reemphasizing how he isn't ready to campaign for Bobi Wine or any politician of any political party as he has been doing for the past years to avoid the divisionism among his fans. 

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"Oba munvuma sifudeyo it's ok But I know who iam silyanguzi era sirijilya because I need change Era nze njakuwagira People power till the end and I will vote for my brother. I'm for change.

Naye nkidamu nze siri politician I can only vote nga omuntu omulala yena and I need peaceful change. Nze ndi voter just, I don't believe in division and politicize everything. Ebintu tubijemu feelings tudemu Reality. I said I support people power and I will vote. Byenkoledde people power ensi ebimanyi bulungi era byeraga kati oba bwemunsimye bwemutyo its ok and I thank you all.

What else do you need from me?? Last I'm not politician I'm a musician. I will not campaign for any politician nakizula kyawura muba fans I love all my fans no matter the differences. One love is everything to me. #peoplepowerisourpow­er ," Said Eddy Kenzo.


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