More Celebrities Yearn to Meet President Museveni, Some of them Are Shocking

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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The local entertainment industry is on fire when it comes to meeting with President Yoweri Museveni to the extent that one can say its on a political roll.

In less than a week, a number of members from the industry have managed to dine with the Fountain of honor in addition to pocketing heavy envelopes and offers in exchange to their political allegiance and support to his ruling NRM party come 2021.

From the likes of famed singer Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo, Buchaman, Catherine Kusasira Full Figure, comedian Kayibanda and the latest being city tycoon, music manager and philanthropist Charles Olim alias Sipapa of Sipapa Global Entertainment all signal the fact that the list seems to grow big and bigger day by day.

Yesterday, President Museveni met with ‘Sipapa’ at State House Entebbe where the city entrepreneur got the chance and sought for the government's support in implementing his programme of uplifting the standards of living of the youth through starting for them up small scale businesses.

Sipapa while speaking to Blizz Uganda refuted allegations that he had dined with the President in a bid of collecting big juicy envelopes for personal reasons rather alleging that it was a patriotic move of linking up with his NRM party and the president to better the appealing standards of living of the youth in one way or another.

If this isn't enough, struggling musician Ibrahim Mayanja alias Professor Big Eye has also opened up about his next move of meeting up with 'Taata Natasha' to bring to him all the issues pertaining his career.

As one of the 'royal muzukulu' and staunch NRM ruling party supporter, the 'Ndi single' singer has hit his Facebook official account to assure revelers how he has succumbed to the too much pressure from fans in relation to being left of the list of the key people meeting the President as it is evident these days thereby also signaling how so soon he will link up with the state house officials and schedule for him a meeting with his President in just a few.

However, one needs to ascertain the real facts behind the struggles and fist fights among members in the entertainment industry in their bid of meeting President Museveni.

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