Fik Gaza‘s Rich Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Stealing Her Money and Property worth Millions

Posted on March 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Fik Gaza, real name Shafiq Dangote has bitterly been exposed by his ex-girlfriend, accusing him of theft and threatening violence against her even after getting her son in a terrible car accident.

The accuser, identified as Sultan, alleges that she and Fik Gaza had been in a relationship for nearly eight months, having met through mutual acquaintances at a social gathering where sparks flew instantly. Sultan claims that their relationship flourished, with Fik Gaza eventually moving into her residence in Buziga, where she not only financially supported his music career but also took on the role of his manager.

However, Sultan recounts a downward spiral in their relationship as Fik Gaza began to bring a multitude of guests to their shared home and allegedly mistreated her. Fed up with the situation, Sultan made the decision to relocate to Luwafu, leaving Fik Gaza behind. Tragically, she also endured the loss of a pregnancy at three months.

Adding insult to injury, Sultan asserts that Fik Gaza started soliciting money from her to cover rent expenses, a request she was unwilling to fulfill. Subsequently, Fik Gaza cut off all communication with Sultan, vanished without notice, and absconded with her possessions, including clothing valued at approximately Ugx 50M.

Seeking justice, Sultan has taken her grievances to the Katwe Police Station, lodging a formal complaint of theft and threatening violence against Fik Gaza. She has provided authorities with detailed information to aid in their investigation.