"It will take Doctor Hamza 7years to know Namakula better than I do"- Eddy Kenzo

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Speaking to journalists in a presser that was held at Mestil Hotel, "Kaana Ka mbata" Eddy Kenzo stated how it will take Rema Namakula's new lover, Dr Hamza Ssebunya seven years for him to know Rema more than him.

Eddy Kenzo was asked a question whether he was hurt by Rema dumping him and he clearly replied back that it hurt him more than he could  ever imagine but the fact still remains that he stayed with Rema for more than 5years hence knowing her better than anybody else.

"I stayed with Namakula for more than 5years, we did everything together, ate together, laughed together, even cried together. i know her better than anybody else in this world, in fact it will take Doctor atleast 7years for him to know Namakula better than me but as for now i still have the crown. So I was hurt seeing her introducing another man and my daughter busy enjoying the ceremony but still i was happy for her.

It it like having a sick person in Hospital for years knowing that tey are not going to make it but when they die, it still pains you deeply, thats the same thing i went through", Eddy Kenzo stated.

Watch the Full presser below:


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