"Kenzo should thank me and Bebe Cool for helping him meet Museveni"- Promoter Balaam brags

Posted on Oct 30, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Events and music promoter Balaam Barugahara has come out to brag claiming that famed singer should surrender the utmost praise to him and musician Big Size Bebe Cool for his successful interaction with the Fountain of Honour last Monday.

Following his unsuccessful efforts to break down Sheik Nuhu Muzaata Battle who had went on to defame him with insulting remarks, the Big Talent Music Group CEO had to channel to his entire social media platforms to cry hard to the government to render a helping hand in bailing him out his misery in addition to recognising his hard earned efforts of solely marketing the country to the entire globe thereby coming up with the hash tag #Weya are you'.

We could figure out that the "Congs Mama" singer was indeed hitting hard at the government for not recognising the former Uganda Tourism Ambassador's music works in relation to boasting the country's image globally yet other personalities in other doctrines are appreciated with millions of shillings and assets for the work well done.

What summed up all his misery was the sharing of the good news by Eddy Kenzo' of receiving an invite to dine with President Museveni at State House Entebbe where he opened up about his hustles and later "Taata Natasha" vowed to render a helping hand in all his endeavours.

Now the Radio 4 media house CEO has come out to remind the public that Eddy Kenzo's meeting with the President was his sole efforts in company of fellow 'Muzukulu' Bebe Cool who for the past days have been pleading to the 'Commander-in-chief to look in Kenzo's issues appropriately and give a helping hand and also that President Museveni is the real deal for this country given the fact that he is always available to correct the negativity of his enemies back to the right truck as a good leader should do no wonder he will always be Uganda's DARLING.

"I am the happiest person in regards to what happened last Monday because the so called 'system Volongooto' is no more after being settled to 'system clear'. What I like about my President is that he is so understanding and never at all mad at his enemies but rather bringing them closer so as to see the light. That's why Musuuza was able to meet with President Museveni, dinned with him and narrated all his hustles there by going home with millions of shillings and assurances of the president that the NRM government will work tooth and nail to uplift his music career financially and end the misery of scooping awards that are priceless without any finances. But all in all Eddy Kenzo should thank me and Bebe Cool because we for the past days did a good job of being neck to neck with the president pleading that he can schedule a meeting with this young man, Eddy Kenzo and listen out to his story," Stated Balaam Barugahara during an interview with one of the media stations in town.

So should we say that even Eddy Kenzo conceded to the fact the President and his regime is on truck and shouldn't be attacked musically but rather work hand in hand with the later so as to be proud of his sweat not like his mentor, MP Bobi Wine? 

Watch the interview below:


Let's watch the space.

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