"That Short Girl Chosen Becky Should Come Out and Apologize to Me"- MC Galaxy Demands

Posted on January 10, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The clash between MC Galaxy and Chosen Becky has taken a new bitter fight as the events promoter demands for apologies from the singer and her manager Dictator Amir for acusing him of failing to pay her salary when she came to perform over the festive season.

In a surprising twist, Chosen Becky and her managerial partner, Dictator Amir, responded to MC Galaxy's call for an apology. In a joint statement issued on social media, the duo acknowledged the timing discrepancy but maintained their stance on the payment dispute.

"While we admit there was a slight delay in our arrival, it doesn't negate the fact that the agreed-upon payment was not fulfilled," the statement read. "We are open to resolving this amicably, but it's imperative that the financial commitment is honored."

The statement also hinted at a willingness to engage in private negotiations to find a resolution, indicating a desire to avoid further public spectacle.

MC Galaxy, on the other hand, remains firm in his demand for a public apology. He reiterated that the delay was a crucial factor in the breach of agreement, emphasizing that a swift apology is the first step towards any potential resolution.

Watch him speak out below;