"Mudra is Not Chewing Me, He Just Loves Me Like My Parents"- Ava Peace Claims

Posted on January 03, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Dancehall sensation Mudra and the beautiful Ava Peace have been rumored to be chewing eachother for some months now but now the  "Shabada" singers claim it is all just rumors as they just love eachother like parent and daughter.

Despite the persistent rumors, both Mudra and Ava Peace have vehemently denied any romantic involvement, asserting that they are nothing more than good friends. The duo's insistence on their platonic relationship has only added fuel to the fiery gossip mill.

During an exclusive interview with Mr. Henrie, Ava Peace addressed the swirling rumors, shedding light on her close bond with Mudra. She emphasized that their connection transcends romance, describing Mudra as a paternal figure who has played a pivotal role in her career.

"Mudra is like a daddy to me. He loves me so much and has been instrumental in my career. He is always looking out for me, and while in the studio, he helps me effortlessly," Ava Peace declared, dispelling the dating speculation.

However, the duo's actions behind the scenes seem to paint a different picture, leaving fans to question the authenticity of their friendship claims. The palpable chemistry between Mudra and Ava Peace, combined with their collaborative magic in the studio, continues to add weight to the persistent dating allegations.