"Ugandan Musicians are Hypocrites, No One Has Come Out to Fight for Alex Muhangi"- Patrick Salvador

Posted on December 10, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Comedian Patrick Salvado has taken to social media to call upon all Ugandan musicians to stand in solidarity with Alex Muhangi as he battles the Uganda Revenue Authority's (URA) relentless tax demands, reason why they stopped him from holding Comedy Store at UMA Lugogo.

Salvado, known for his wit on stage, expressed his exasperation in a recent Facebook live broadcast over the taxes levied on the popular Comedy Store Uganda, an entertainment show masterminded by Alex Muhangi.

Comedy Store, once a mainstay at the UMA showground, found itself relocating to Lazio Bar due to the financial weight of soaring taxes. Salvado, in his broadcast highlighted the irony of laughter being taxed so heavily, pushing the beloved show to seek refuge in a new venue.

Despite the integral role musicians play in the success of the Comedy Store and the substantial fees they pocket for their performances, Salvado noted a resounding silence from the music fraternity on the taxation issue.

Salvado underscored the importance of unity among musicians, urging them to rally behind Muhangi and collectively address the taxing predicament faced by the Comedy Store.

The comedian specifically called out Eddy Kenzo and the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), urging them to lend their support to the cause. In a comical twist, Salvado playfully challenged the musicians to harmonize their voices not just on stage but also offstage to tackle the URA's fiscal onslaught.

The ramifications of the URA's revenue demands extend beyond the Comedy Store, casting a looming shadow over the entire entertainment industry. Salvado's rallying cry marks a pivotal moment, urging entertainers to unite for a cause that threatens the very core of their profession.

Watch him speak out: