What Happened to Oscar BigTym? Singer Bruno K Worried He Might Have Died

Posted on Nov 29, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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The Ugandan music industryis grappling with reports of the possible deatj of struggling singer Oscar Big Tym with some sources suggesting that he passed away and was buried in a city cemetary hence raising alot of questions of what exactly might have happened to the troubled singer.

Oscar Big Tym, who has been battling with substance abuse for an extended period, faced considerable challenges in obtaining the help he desperately sought. Despite the efforts of fellow artist Bruno K to intervene and provide assistance, Oscar unfortunately relapsed into drug use after a few months.

Even the generous gestures of Bruno K, who tried to support Oscar with clothes and material possessions, were met with disappointment as the struggling singer chose to sell them, deeming them meaningless and undesired.

Taking to social media, Bruno K revealed the distressing news, expressing concern over Oscar's well-being. The singer urged the public to come forward with any information they may have regarding Oscar's current status.

"Anyone with information regarding Oscar, please WhatsApp 0773860376. Someone reached out to the family, suggesting that he might have passed away and been buried in a cemetery. We can't confirm this information as the person who contacted the family is also unsure. Please, anyone with information regarding Oscar, reach out to help his family," Bruno K posted on social media.

The uncertainty surrounding Oscar Big Tym's fate has left the music community and fans in shock. The plea for information highlights the urgency of the situation as friends and family anxiously await confirmation of the singer's well-being or tragic demise. Our thoughts go out to Oscar's loved ones during this challenging time.

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