Did Arua Fans Throw Pupu to Alien Skin on Stage? Full Truth of What Happened to Him

Posted on Nov 21, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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In a night filled with music, anger and a touch of unexpected adventure, the Arua concert featuring the singer Alien Skin took an intriguing turn as fans got up close and personal, leaving everyone talking about how feaces (Pupu) was thrown at him, we break down what happened.

As the rain poured down, enthusiastic fans at the Arua concert couldn't contain their excitement, and a few daring ones decided to make their way onto the stage to share the love with Alien Skin. Some of these dedicated followers had a little extra to offer in the form of mud due to the wet weather.

After these spontaneous on-stage encounters, Alien Skin was whisked away to ensure he stayed fresh and clean, all while the show continued. A viral video clip captured the unexpected incident, showing fans trying to wash off brown residue from the artist, and speculations arose.

According to the clip, some concertgoers claimed that an overzealous fan had thrown feces (known locally as "Pupu") at Alien Skin, while others suggested that the artist had simply been hugged by a fan who had mud smeared all over them. The exact nature of the substance remains unclear, and opinions on the matter are divided.

Despite the unexpected stage antics, Alien Skin showcased his musical prowess, delivering a memorable performance that left the Arua audience yearning for more. The artist's charisma and talent shone through, demonstrating why he has become a beloved figure in the music industry.

This unusual incident comes on the heels of a recent online feud between Alien Skin and fans of the renowned musician Bobi Wine. Whether this incident is connected to the ongoing feud or simply the result of enthusiastic supporters looking for a closer connection with their idol remains a matter of speculation.

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