"I will beat any man who comes close to your sweet sumbie"- Bebe Cool promises to fight

Posted on Oct 28, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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According to the scientific study, most men mainly crave for s@x from women though there even those who are ready to protect and secure their loved ones from any uprising or bad situation.

Now singer Big Size Bebe Cool has vowed to thump any man who nears his wife, Zuena Kirema. The 'Amatu magule' singer seems to be too emotional when it comes to discussing matters concerning his 'beauty with the purpose' from Busoga and is ready to exercise his utmost allegiance by protecting her from scavengers.

"But for men i will beat them thoroughly,as in violence mbu gagezeko okwesembeza wano. ," Lamented the furious Gagamel Music Group CEO while posting a pic of his baby mama enjoying her leisure at the beach over the weekend.

It must noted that Bebe Cool isn't the only man currently who is envious when it comes to the love of his life after city business man Martin Juuko found the mother of his three kids being chewed by another man, tied her up and brutally beat her up like a chicken thief before posting the photos on his Facebook.



City businessman catches wife cheating, ties her up, beats her like a chicken thief and posts on Facebook

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