"I Am Neither Sleeping Nor Am I a Faded Musician"- Lydia Jazmine Speaks Out

Posted on May 26, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ever since singer Lydia Jazmine parted ways with manager Ronnie Mulindwa, things have not been going so well for her, she rsn back to Bushington only to part ways a few weeks later. Now she has spoken out about her fate in the music industry.

Speaking out during an interview, Lydia Jazmine revealed that she confident that her music career has brighter days ahead of it and she is not faded yet.

With just a few music projects released, she has had critics on her back, labeling her a “faded artist”  but she has said that everything is going well according to her plans.

Jazmine defended herself saying that all this is as planned since she has a vision she is looking at accomplishing that is why she decided to rebrand.

Watch her speak out below: