Here's the Real Father of Evelyn Namulondo's Son Hero Ssemakula, Sir Travas Mutyaba & All You Need to Know

Posted on May 22, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few days ago, legendary singer Mesach Ssemakula aka Papa came on stage introduced actress Evelyn Namulondo's son Hero Samuel Semakula as his own child which shocked many but now Blizz Uganda brings you everything you need to know about the real father, a struggling musician identified as Sir Travas Mutyaba.

According to trusted sources, Mesach was not wrong to call Hero his own child as he is the God Father to the child and also basing on the fact that they are from the same clan, hence the name Ssemakula, he had to call him his own.

Travas Mutyaba is a very talented Musician and through the art industry he met with Nalondo many years ago hence siring a child together.

The two have been raising their child side by side even though it is said that they broke up but still co-parenting for the future of their son.

During Semakula's concert, one of the event MC's Abbey Mukiibi invited his children to come to the stage and say their Thank You to the father and congratulate him.

They stepped onto the stage and the singer asked them to kneel down for proper introduction to the public.

Surpriginly, Mesarch also introduced Hero as his own son, something that surprised and shocked many of the revellers, especially those that recognized him as also Namulondo's child.

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