Khalifah Aganaga Cries Out to Government to Find a Solution For All Hamza's

Posted on Oct 21, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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As all seems to be going on smoothly as planned as far as the ongoing countrywide immunisation of Measles Rubella killer disease, singer turned politician Khalifah Aganaga has cried out his discontent to the government.

Given the pending wreckage of relationships among married partners, the Bad Character Music Records CEO wants the government through the Ministry of Health also to mind about discovering a vaccine that will cater for all the wicked men who have developed a habit stealing their fellows' wives.

Having released a brand new music audio dunned 'Mpiso' that he dedicated to all the 'Love Niggas' in the world who are after stealing partners from their marital homes a case in point being the Kenzo-Doctor Hamza Sebunya Saga, Khalifah is not yet contented with the ongoing vice.

Borrowing a leaf from the ongoing Measles Rubella Immunisation campaign countrywide, the 'Kiboko' singer now wants the government also to introduce a new vaccine to cater for the "KibaBakazi" (men who steal their fellows' partners) so as to whip out this vice.

"I see the immunization of killer diseases like Rubella, Polio etc going on but the government should start looking for a vaccine for a new killer disease in Uganda called #KibaBakazi #Mpiso" Said singer Khalifah Aganaga.

DOWNLOAD: Mpiso (Advice To Kenzo) - Kalifah AgaNaga

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