Bebe Cool Goes For a Cancer Checkup, Shares Results with his Fans, See Here

Posted on Oct 21, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Regular body check-ups can help to find potential health issues before they become a problem no wonder it is good to see a doctor often so as to be able to detect health conditions of early diseases.

The fact that the proud Muzukulu is one of the few celebrity stars in the industry who is accustomed to physical education as a way of safeguarding his life from health related diseases, he can't forget visiting his doctor for a thorough body check up.

The 'Amatu magule' singer has come out to speak about his health style by revealing that he is 100% free from cancer according to his recent body check up at Mulago Refferal Hospital.

The fact that he is aging already at 40, he had to set an example to those in his age bracket and entire Ugandans to remind them that a health body creates a health mind thereby even they have to pay a little for the services, they should take the trouble since prevention is better than cure.

"On Thursday i took the day off to test for cancer in my whole body and as i speak now am a happy man to know that am 100%healthy. When you clock 40,you are all advised to screen for all cancers. I did this at the new Mulago referral hospital for a minimum fee because i was an out patient but i also found out that it's free for all patients in mulago hospital.

I want to stay alive and witness my children success so i care lots about my life. Do you care about yours?
I also will be taking my kids for immunization as i got a good explanation as per why and here it is.
For whatever reasons, many parents on here and in Kampala particularly are against this campaign.
They wonder why they need to re-vaccinate their kids when they have already vaccinated against measles.

I think (health workers and government) haven't done an excellent job educating people about its importance. 
1) Vaccines are effective and safe. They have saved millions on children and adults 

2) Measles vaccine prevents against deadly measles. 

3) Your child is protected against measles virus for the first 6 months because of the mother's antibodies in breastmilk. 

4) After 6 months, therefore, your child in vulnerable to catch the deadly measles vaccine. 

5) However, if we vaccinated your child at 6 months to prevent measles, the body's reaction to the vaccine will be weak because your child's immune system is still very weak. 

6) The best time to give your child the measles vaccine is actually NOT at 9 months but after ONE YEAR. This is when the best response to measles vaccine will be got. 

Japan, UK, US, Australia etc all vaccinate their kids after 1 year for this reason. 

7) In poor countries like Uganda, if we waited until they were 1 year, many poor children would not make it because of they would catch measles and die. As a result, Uganda and many African countries reaches a compromise and provides free immunisation at 9 months instead of after one year. 

9) Because of this compromise (immunising at 9 months instead of after 1 year) , your child will be protected but not 100% . They will need a BOOSTER dose once they are above 1 year old. 

10) Unfortunately this booster dose is not free. It's usually provided by the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine which can be acquired privately. 

11) Clever parents therefore get the measles vaccine at 9 months and get a booster after 1 year. 

12) It is also important to note that your child vaccinated at 9 months can still get measles but it wont be as severe. This is because the immune system hasn't fully developed to provide the best response. 

13) To eradicate measles in the community, 95% of that community must be immune and vaccinated. 

14)Uganda is currently experiencing a measles outbreak and currently a small percent of children are immunized with the 9 month measles vaccine. 

15) Because the government knows that not all parents can afford booster doses for their children, and the fact that some children have never immunised, and also that your child can still get measles, they have planned a mass vaccination campaign against measles for those kids from 9 months until 15 years. 

16) What this does is to bring the immunisation rates to above 90% on the community so that there is protection for everyone. It also ensures that you get a booster dose. For free. 

17) If you've ever gotten MMR, you should also benefit from this free booster dose. 

18) The children will also get Rubella vaccine. 

19) Rubella isnt too deadly to your child. They will get a rash, a fever and will probably get better within a few days. 

20) However, if your child picks that infection from school and brings it home, and you happen to be pregnant, your unborn child can DIE or get what we call Congenital Rubella Sybdrome where the child will be born not being able to see, having holes in the heart, having gaps in lips etc..." Said Bebe Cool through his social media Facebook platform.


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