An Embarrasing List of all things Police has Done to Stop Bobi Wine from Performing in Uganda

Posted on Oct 20, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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It is no brainer according to the singer turned politician MP Bobi Wine that the Uganda Police has on various occasions come out public with alot of words and statements in regards the cancellation of his music concerts.

Though the Kyadondo East parliamentary legislator even reached to the extent of going legal, his efforts merely paid off with the law enforcers making it a daily routine to suffocate his precious time that he sketchs up to feast and jubilate with his fans once in a worthwhile.

The latest music concert that was halted by the Uganda police was the recent "Osobola Ku Independence" where the Ghetto gladiator was meant to launch his new revolutionary music audio 'Osobola' and as usual, the 'men in uniform' had to own their decision of cancelling the show on grounds that the organisers had failed to fulfill the required security precautions as it was digested by the Inspector General of Police Okoth Ochola hence making the cancelled shows total to 156.

The Fountain of Honor Gen Yoweri Museveni during an interview with BBC's Allan Kasujja had to spill the bitter truth as to why his political opponent (Bobi Wine) will never benefit from the prosperity of code 256 given the fact that he has on various occasions hoodwinked investors and stopped them from coming to Uganda alleging that the land isn't worthwhile of investment and then why should the 'Aidah' singer benefit from the little prosperity of Uganda.

This however left MP Bobi Wine ranting thereby going on to list a number of Uganda police "lies" that have been coming up in regards to the cancellation of his music shows and concerts as digested more below.

1. At one point they said we didn’t have enough ambulances.

2. Then they said we didn’t have enough toilets.

3. Then they said Busabala had all of a sudden become too small to accommodate people.

4. They said the venue was not fenced ‘well enough’ to guarantee security.

5. Then they said we didn’t have a traffic management plan.

6. Uganda Police said all police officers were busy in Sironko and could not secure the concert.

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