"I got USA citizenship but I don't want to go"- Kalifah Aganaga provides proof

Posted on Oct 19, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer Khalifah Aganaga has come out to brag about getting the US citizenship though he has not yet decided upon leaving code 256.

Forget about the US immigration intent, the 'Mpiso' singer has to revealed how he has got conflicting loyalty as far as deciding whether to leave Uganda for the States or not thereby calling for pieces of advice from fans.

Through his social media Facebook page, Khalifah has revealed how he ascertained a US visa at the beginning of this year running up to 2021 as one of the travel documents required for one to enter the 'Trump Land', how he got a good paying job and a house in America but he is not yet decided on whether to leave or stay in his motherland.

Though the 'Kibooko' singer claims to be a big problem to the local music industry, he is now seeking for enough guidance and advice from the public on whether to take over this opportunity or not.

"Two years Visa ,a house Car And a Job in The USA ....Leave Uganda, You’re becoming a problem to the music industry 
I have been with this since March when they got me that Visa.....But I refused....what should I do...Bantu Bange...I need your guidance here 
#Mpiso #MadeInUganda," Stated Khalifah Aganaga.


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