Spice Diana Takes 'Bilungo VS Bailamos' Battle to Studio, Records New Song 'Baligeya' and Releases It

Posted on Feb 06, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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At the peak of her silent battle with Sheebah Karungi, Source Management songstress Spice Diana hit the studio and recorded a new songg hitting hard at all her enemies that laugh in her face and stab her in the back.

Bilungo VS Bailamos battle is a title that was given to this fight between two artistes by their fans s Spice Dian has a song called Bilungo and Sheebah also has one called Bailamos, so it is a battle of music.

The two female singers had resolved their indifference at Spice Diana’s Stargal EP listener’s party at Cubana Bar and Lounge, in Munyonyo which Sheebah attended and even the two later performed at eachother's live music concerts.

After making amends, the two started a new chapter in their lives and graced each other’s recently concluded concerts but all this went to trash after Sheebah publicly criticizing Spice for arresting dancer Ritah Dancehall.

Spice went on to unfollow Sheebah, and deleted all the photos they once shared together from her Instagram account hence the battle rising again.

Download Spice's new song below":

Baligeya - Spice Diana Mp3 Download

Watch the lyrics below:

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